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    Company’s main operation products: SF-800 bimetallic bearing  This product is a kind of steel copper alloy product, which treats steel plate as base body, surface firing CUPB10SN10 material. This product has the strongest carrying capacity in bimetal alloy bearing and wide application situation. It fits many areas supporting middle speed, high impact loading bush, thrust washer and so on. 
     WZB solid inlaid bearing  It is a kind of high performance solid lubricant product and is inlaid solid lubricant. It breaks through limitations of general bearing which depends on oil film lubrication. During the using process, through friction feat, let solid lubrication and axle friction, and form oil, powder coexist lubrication excellent condition. It also can protect axle wear proof and solid lubrication property forever. Its hardness is twice as high as copper sheathing. Its wear-resisting property is twice as high as copper sheathing. Currently, this product has been used in metallurgy conticaster, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, gas turbine, injection molding machine and water conservancy gate, headstock gear and so on. 
     WZB-2 boundary lubricated bearing  This product is a kind of bearing which treats steel plate as base body, intermediate sintering ball type bronze powder, surface rolling modified polyformaldehyde(POM). It has oil storage. It fits common temperature and low velocity heavy load situation. It can replace traditional copper bush. It reduces cost and extends using life. Products are widely used in automobile chassis, forging and stamping machine tool, metallurgy mining machinery, engineering machinery hydroelectric, steel rolling industry and other areas. 
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